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In the new Android N Google version will pass to OpenJDK

2 years, 10 months ago
We welcome our readers on pages of the blog iCover! Sometimes amendments which even the leading profile analysts are not always capable to foresee are introduced in the measured course of events and business plans of transatlantic megacorporations. It seems that the similar situation took and continues to take place from Google which declared transition in the future Android N version to the OpenJDK platform. With high probability this event is connected with the patent lawsuit staying in an active stage with the Oracle company in the next claim of the last though representatives of Google refused to give official confirmation to it.


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5 unique data processing centers in the world

3 years ago

From nuclear bunkers of the Netherlands on shrines of Barcelona, we will look at the five of the most unique data processing centers in the world.

The most unusual data-centers are located in strange places (for example, in a nuclear air-raid shelter or church), revolt against the international legislation, break records on friendliness to environment or on the volume of transmitted data.

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New line of the x86 servers from Oracle Sun

8 years, 4 months ago

Burn down with a verb the sun prophet!

Quite recently I wrote in comments to Tech Days that at Oracle with Sun two options, "all or nothing", that is either gain, or absorption to the level of specialized solutions for Oracle DB (such as Oracle Sun DB Machine).
First all and went, disorder and swaying, silence of Oracle, total absence of the adequate answer from representatives of Sun, vanity, delays with deliveries, even with pricing.
However, Sun Fire x2270 M2, upgraded version for work with Intel processors of the Xeon 56xx series is born after a while.
What more surprised, Oracle Sun began to sell briquettes for hard drives for these systems (what was not under leadership of Sun earlier, it was necessary to look for on eBay).
As a result in $9500 it is possible to receive the 24th tredovy system on 12 kernels of Intel Xeon X5660 with 48 gigabytes of ECC REG DDR of 3 1066 RAM, support and any hard drives which are on sale (but not drain for $700 for 1 TB or $1300 for 2 TB 7200 SATA hard drives) in shops for quite modest digit.
However, there was an announcement of a new series of systems based on x86 from division of Oracle Sun just 2 days ago.
In addition to the expected upgraded version of the running Sun Fire x4170 system under marking of M2, blade of Sun Blade x6270 M2 which in fact modifed platforms for work with processors of the Intel Xeon 56xx series, and also a blade storage, network adapters, switches and virtualizator for blades, there were several more interesting products.
Details under a cat.

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The Art Of Programming — Release No. 39 [STD2010] / In kitchen at hungry

8 years, 8 months ago
+ Sun &Oracle
+ JavaFX O_o
+ Destiny of STD
+ Gosling in the family way

+ GeekFest in Irkutsk

P. S. As usual a podcast it is possible to download or subscribe for it.
it is listened to 1045 times

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Came true

8 years, 10 months ago

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Registration for SUN TECH DAYS 2010

8 years, 10 months ago

On April 8 and 9, 2010 in St. Petersburg the annual Sun Tech Days conference which the Sun Microsystems corporation carries out worldwide more than 10 years and already the fourth time in Russia will take place.

In the program of conference — reports on new technologies and examples of their application in Solaris and OpenSolaris, about use of Java in web developments and in mobile devices, about databases and about increase of performance and scalability of systems.

Participation in conference free. Zaregistrirovatsye it is possible here.

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Oracle will not be able to purchase Sun because of prohibition of European Commission

9 years ago
Interesting news was found on

The European Commission issued the statement with objection against purchase of the Sun Microsystems company by Oracle corporation. The protest of the commission concerns receipt of Oracle of control over MySQL since the corporation itself is the leading DBMS developer. In September, 2009. The European Commission took 4,5 months on studying of this transaction regarding observance of the antitrust law.

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New information on support of Oracle of the Sun technologies

9 years ago
Oracle published new information concerning support of the technologies MySQL, NetBeans, GlassFish, SOA, OpenOffice, development with the open code.

This information is available on the official site of Oracle

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9 years ago
Advertizing can be such simple and ironic:


we do more reasonable vs computers. do planets "more reasonable"

original here

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Oracle makes promises to clients of Sun

9 years, 2 months ago
imageThe Oracle company extended the advertizing block in the European edition of Wall Street Journal. The leaflet says:

"Clients of Sun, Oracle plans:
1. To spend for development of SPARC of money it is more, than spends Sun today;
2. To spend for development of Solaris of money it is more, than spends Sun today;
3. To support twice more hardware specialists for sales and to service of SPARC/Solaris, than contains Sun today;
4. To considerably improve performance of hardware of Sun by integration into the software of Oracle.

We undertook it to win. IBM, we are going to compete to you in business of hardware. — Larry Ellison"

Words about destiny of MySQL as the edition paid attention.


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