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Royole-X — the folding personal movie theater shown on CES

2 years, 11 months ago

On Geektimes now not and there are a lot of posts connected with CES therefore it should be added a little information on interesting gadgets from an exhibition. And so, the other day the device which it is possible to call folding personal movie theater was shown here. The device is called Royole-X, and its feature, except portability, is existence of the built-in AMOLED of the display. Thickness makes it only 0,01 mm.

According to the journalist who tested "movie theater" in operation, impressions of viewing of video in a helmet are almost similar to impressions of viewing of video on the 60th inch TV. At the display 3300 PPI, contrast 10000:1 and 24-bit RGB. The display rather accurate, helmet sits on the head as poured. Unfortunately, people who wear glasses are forced them to remove before trying a helmet. But a helmet allows to configure focus and other parameters. So problems should not arise.

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Passive PoE Injector the hands for 200r

2 years, 11 months ago
There are such situations when something is necessary quickly, to purchase is not present time, and on hands there are any improvised small things. Here from such situation homemade PoE Injector also turns out. (Purchased costs in the area 300r).

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Just USB stick

2 years, 11 months ago
Hello, Giktayms!
Today I want to tell about how I happened to dress the naked USB stick in not absolutely normal camouflage, namely — in an old lighter.
Certainly, I have not enough experience in it and on a knee with improvised materials of quality special wow to achieve complicated, however I after all had an any unique artifact which frames from creation history with some comments I expose on court of the public.

There is such imperceptible masking. If it is interesting, welcome under kat.

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What to present for New year? The short guide from Epson

2 years, 11 months ago
New year already on a nose!

Many brands, popular Internet resources and logs make a New Year's Eve rating of the best gadgets of year or the most successful gifts by New year.

To us is too what to offer!

We offer options of gifts to friends, acquaintances and relatives depending on what impression you want to make or what interests at the receiver of a gift:

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Keylogger on Arduino

2 years, 12 months ago


It is necessary to tell that the area use of this device is not so big. For work it is monitoring, control of working hours, information leakage protection and, probably, all.

In life this thing can well facilitate life. For example, clicked a certain keyboard shortcut — Arduino recognized them and … sent a signal to include a teapot. If not a teapot, then something another.

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The overview of the Cougar 500K keyboard with its complete dismantling

3 years ago
Almost on classics:
"Session of black magic
with its complete exposure"
© Mikhail Bulgakov

Disclaimer: not to repeat! It is fraught!

(at least — loss of a guarantee, a maximum — nonserviceability of the keyboard)!

In the course of the overview any keyboard did not suffer!

Warning: in the overview there will be many compound and complex sentences — well I am not able to write with simple chopped phrases.
In other words, if some phrase after its repeated reading is unclear — ignore it, the sense of the overview from it will not change.
Also I recommend to ignore "demotic" and "the words which are allegedly distorted" and expressions — they are used is comprehended, "for revival" the text.

Still warning: links to the website Lurkmore are intended for adult audience, to "children to 16", etc.

So, on a scene, that is, on a table, the Cougar 500K keyboard from the young, dynamically developing German vendor whose name in Russian sounds as "cougar" and designates, simply, a puma (The puma is such big wild cat).

However, pretty girl? But designers of a logo, probably, were inspired by other photo, this:

By the way, here the beast is not shown, and only yawns!

That readers did not fall asleep on the first third of this overview, I will not give a set of photos of a box and the keyboard — all this is according to the above-stated link (in the bottom of the page several links to more high-level overviews there). The main characteristics and features also there are in detail painted.
On a box, by the way, there are also "texts in Russian" © Vladimir Vysotsky where with an abundant impregnation of the English terms the main features of "piece of iron" are listed.

Preliminary summary: it is the beautiful and "advanced" membrane keyboard having the main property and advantage of mechanical game keyboards: an unlimited number at the same time keyed!

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73 Gbit / with — such is a new absolute record of data transmission rate under the TCP protocol

3 years ago
We welcome you on pages of the blog iCover! Promptly growing needs for transfer of large volumes of data – a sign tendency of our time and strong incentive for development of infrastructure of information networks. Along with expansion of geography of communications also the flow capacity of the main communication channels grows: 10 – gigabit network channels are replaced on 100 – gigabit. And here the question of efficiency of use of sharply increased potential of flow capacity of the channel faces restrictions of the existing data transmission technology of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) which upper high-speed level was limited to record value of 29 Gbit / page until recently. The group of specialists from Japan managed to develop addition to the existing protocol which allowed to treble the existing value almost. The successful tests of technology which passed in November of this year confirmed a possibility of its application with use of the existing normal subscriber equipment.


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Infinity not a limit — extenders on optics and the twisted pair cable

3 years ago
In modern multimedia projects video signal is transferred in a digital form. Now it is possible to claim safely that analog video signal consigns to the past. In this regard the term "analog decline" which is in a broad sense used for the description of the main tendency in the professional AV industry connected with replacement of analog video by actively developing digital formats was offered.
The vast majority of developments in the field of new video technologies for displays, video sources, and also formats of high resolution and 3D inherently are digital. Therefore in this article will there be a speech about digital video signal.
Digital video signal is the aggregate electric signal containing not only information on color responses of each pixel, but also all service information necessary for a signal transmission and its reproduction.
While analog video signal when passing through a transmission medium (cable) worsens gradually, digital video signal when exceeding limit distance disappears completely, and as a result the picture vanishes sharply, without gradual degradation of quality.
Though in some cases there are also "artifacts" on extreme values of cable length, but in most cases even insignificant distortion or decrease in the signal level leads to the fact that the accepting equipment loses an opportunity to accept it and to display.

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BenQ purchased the Zowie brand and updated product line

3 years ago
On December 10, 2015 BenQ announced purchase of the Zowie brand, well-known among professional gamers which the company will use as the main brand for cybersports products now.

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Epson projectors in education – Part 3: short-focus, ultrashort-focus and mobile

3 years ago
We represent the third post devoted to Epson projectors for education. In the first post we spoke about the technology 3LCD used in all projectors of Epson for education. The second part was devoted to "normal" educational projectors. Therefore now we can pass to the story about specialized types of projectors, without returning to bases.

In this post it will be a question of short-focus and ultrashort-focus projectors, interactive projectors, and also – mobile (kompaknty) projectors. If you did not read the second part of this article, then extremely we recommend to get acquainted with it as all listed types of projectors are the different directions of development of "normal projectors" for education.

Short-focus projectors

Problem of short-focus (KF) projectors – to be located as it is possible closer to the screen. By the way, at present there is an updating of a line of KF-projectors Epson which has to come to the end in December, 2015. Therefore we will speak about a new line at once.

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