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Since February 26 the Mailbox service which once purchased Dropbox is closed

3 years ago
For those who did not use: Mailbox is an e-mail client for iOS, Android, OSX, Windows. It was integrated only with Gmail.

The main difference from normal mail klent — use of the principle of 'Inbox Zero' which turns the entering folder into the list of affairs and assumes to aim at holding it empty.

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Officials of Russia are suggested to be fined for use of foreign Internet services on service

3 years, 3 months ago

Photo: Chris Helgren/Reuters

The interesting sentence was taken out by the member of the committee of the State Duma on safety and counteraction of corruption Ilya Kostunov. So, the deputy suggested to impose liability for use foreign the Internet of services (Gmail, Viber, WhatsApp and others) during the work with the service information. According to Kostunov, different government bodies have to develop for themselves requirements of work with information such. Responsibility for violation of requirements will be set by special acts — now they are already developed. And punishment can be quite considerable — from a penalty before dismissal.

This opinion is supported also by the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev who criticized the officials using Google, Yahoo and WhatsApp still yesterday. According to the official, now "existence in information systems (public authorities) of software of foreign technical intelligence services is noted".

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Gmail opened the tool which will help the companies to improve quality of e-mail of mailings

3 years, 5 months ago

Google was declared service creation Gmail Postmaster Tools. By analogy with Webmaster Tools, service is intended for the companies sending a large number of letters by e-mail. This service has to help the companies whose letters illegally are included in the Spam folder in gmail boxes. Service gives an opportunity of tracking of statistics of the letters which came to guglovsky mail of subscribers and the hint on setup of mailings which will reduce the number of incorrectly recognized letters.

Now the owner of the domain from which there are mailings can be registered in system, having confirmed the right to the domain through the DNS settings. Similar to confirmation of the rights to the website when the webmaster places in a root the file with a special name, in this case he will need to make new TXT or CNAME record of a special type in settings of the domain.

After a while, when the DNS updates will become available, the owner of the domain will be able to begin work with the interface. Service works only with those mailings which were sent after registration in service — therefore, to start work it is necessary to wait, the statistics from several thousand letters will not be gathered yet.

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Google updated the application Contacts in the Gmail interface

3 years, 8 months ago
What personally I waited for several years came true. Google paid the attention to Contacts — completely processed the interface (in Material Design style, certainly) and took out this section in the stand-alone program (well according to the link:

I suggest to look what now contacts became similar to and to discuss, how more conveniently (or not) began to use after innovations.

Further pictures. Total amount more than 2 MB (as claims habrastoradzh)

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The mail domain is closed

3 years, 9 months ago

About about five years ago at owners of the license TheBat version! there was an opportunity to obtain a box in the domain. The Ritlabs company did not start for this purpose the personal e-mail server, having seized the opportunity free at that time to tie own domain names to Gmail. But the freebie ended with Google changed the business model, and since April 19 boxes in the domain will cease to work.

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The Russian demands court to collect Google of 50 000 rubles for reading his e-mails

3 years, 10 months ago
The resident of Yekaterinburg Anton Burkov demands to prohibit Google to read his e-mails, the Izvestiya newspaper reports. The citizen of Russia submitted a claim with the requirement to exact 50 thousand rubles from the Google company to Zamoskvoretsky district court of Moscow. According to Burkov, the robot of the searcher monitors users — scans correspondence, analyzes interests and creates a contextual advertizing on their basis. The claim will be considered on February 16.


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Access to Gmail in China is partially recovered

3 years, 11 months ago
Four-day shutdown of the Gmail service in continental China mysteriously began and not less mysteriously ended. and Wall Street Journal report that blocking of a mail service the Great Chinese fiery wall is partially stopped.

This year in days of the 25 anniversary of events on June 4 access to all websites of Google was gone in China.

Usually in China the inhabitants who are going abroad or working for the foreign companies use Google services. As a rule, it is people with good prosperity. For example, one of bloggers in Weibo complained that he missed an opportunity to be admitted to Uortonsky business school in the USA — the e-mail was not received in time.

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In China GMail is completely blocked

3 years, 11 months ago

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Wall Street Journal reports that China finally blocked access to a mail service of Gmail from the territory. Half a year ago at the Chinese users access to the web interface was gone, but an opportunity to work with mail via third-party applications like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail remained (under the IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols). Now "great Chinese fayervol" chopped off also this communication. Since December 26, according to the statistics Google, access to their mail from continental China is not present any more. "A problem not from our party", the representative of Google in Singapore declared.

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Improvements in Google Drive: sending files in the form of Gmail attachments, support of ODF and voice actuation in mobile version

4 years ago
The search giant imperceptibly rolled out several improvements of the Google service of Drive for a desktop and for mobile clients under Android and iOS.

Google Drive received more deep integration with the Gmail mail: earlier an opportunity to share the file was in giving on it the reference. If the file was removed, then the addressee, respectively, lost to it access. Now, if the file is sent by the Insert as attachment command, then it will be physically stored in the account of mail of the receiver in independence of whether it remained in initial placement or not.

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Gmail does not work

4 years ago
What happened to gmail? Gmail works for you?

UPD: Apparently problems with gmail are observed in Russia.
If works for you write provider in comments

UPD2: Problems with access through the web interface. The Gmail application for android works.

UPD3: Change of DNS on yandeksovy helps

UPD4: Works!
Gmail works / does not work
Does not work

487 people voted. 122 persons refrained.

The users only registered can participate in poll. Enter, please.

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