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Time machine of Komsomolskaya Pravda

9 years ago

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11 years, 9 months ago
The Sony company was given and let out here such here gadget jointly (rather with permission) with Apple:

Connection of a retro and modern design, according to the representative of Sony, is that it is necessary for many today. (Information of
Tried to poguglit to learn more, but somehow not especially inspires trust. It is not sure that many still listen to cartridges, but pleased and remembered the first Walkman :)

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Advertizing in the games "adds it realness"

10 years, 5 months ago
Major League Baseball 2K7Massive Inc company. together with Interpret LLC office conducted research of how gamers react to the advertizing placed on virtual open spaces of computer games. Results were very pleasant for all parties involved in the game industry.

More than 1 000 participants of research played several hit taytl of the last few years (among them NFS Carbon, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Major League Baseball 2K7, etc.). Existence of advertizing in them of 4 real companies — Adidas and 3 more unnamed brands was the only distinctive part of the used toys: film studio, network of fast food restaurants and vendor of chocolate bars.

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The urgent security update of WordPress 2.3.3 is released

10 years, 9 months ago
Vulnerability in work of XML-RPC which at execution of special request allowed any user of the blog was found, to edit entries of other user in the same blog.

Except correction of this critical vulnerability, version 2.3.3 corrects several insignificant errors in work. If you want to correct only vulnerability, it is enough to download the corrected xmlrpc.php version and to write it instead of the xmlrpc.php file in your blog. The complete information about release here.

Also now vulnerability in WP-Forum plug-in is actively used if you use this plug-in, it is desirable to disconnect it to an output of corrections.

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Good news everyone!

10 years, 5 months ago

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Available Microsoft Office of 2007 to the Student and Teacher program

9 years, 1 month ago
Decided to write this topic as very few people know about existence of this program.
I used this program already about a year ago and no I feel sorry for a droplet =).
In total for 1900 "Professional plus" thus purchased Microsoft Office of 2007 that its cost not less than 10 thousand rubles depending on the license of the price fluctuate decently there.

The Microsoft corporation and the Softline company declare start of the special program for students and the staff of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS: "Available Microsoft Office of 2007 to the student and teacher". Students of any form of education can participate in the program (internal and correspondence) 18 years, and also teachers and other staff of those HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and Associations of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS who signed the agreement of Academic Select Student with the Microsoft company are aged more senior.

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Meeting of "Schoolmates" in the Kremlin

9 years, 9 months ago
"Одноклассники.ру" is reached the state level. After "Yandex" they want to secure the status of a strategic resource and national property.

On February 6 under the auspices of "Schoolmates" in the State Kremlin Palace a grandiose concert with participation of stars of the Russian platform will take place. As reports "Look", in the same place it will be declared the beginning of a collecting signatures in support of a new public holiday — Day of schoolmates. If at them everything turns out, then every year the first Saturday of February will become the official day off, and the Одноклассники.ру project will enter the name in history of the Russian state.

"The first Saturday of February is a traditional day of a class reunion at the Russian schools, and still all this was on some drift, unorganized — the president of the Odnoklassniki company Nikita Sherman says. — Now we want to bring this day to essentially new level".

"Petition will begin with the middle of February — Sherman told. — We are faced by a task to find support not less than one million people. If we see that this idea has supporters, then we will begin to initiate introduction of such holiday through the relevant state departments".

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Crazy Thoughts #6 We again on air!!!

11 years, 9 months ago
it is listened to 20 times

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As is in "Runner"

10 years, 5 months ago
As many, probably, know, some time ago "Runner" moved to new office building on Tula. Except employees only participants of seminars and some guests of the company could walk along corridors and examine new "mansion" …
And here I thought and why not to show to habrayuzer several photos (an exclusive!) and to tell that yes as in "Runner" …

Each inhabitant of office could organize the work space in own way …

The table at 2bad is issued in style of minimalism with characteristic presence of products of Apple on it – MacBook Air and iPhone ^_^

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Wikimedia filed a lawsuit against the NSA

3 years, 8 months ago

The Wikimedia Foundation company together with the American union of civil liberties (ACLU) and other human rights organizations initiated a legal claim against National security agency and the Ministry of Justice of the USA concerning the program of total shadowing which performed the NSA.

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