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Microformats in Wikipedia

10 years, 4 months ago
It will be a question of hCard and hCalendar (English). Too it is possible to speak about use of other microformats long, but not this time.

Topic partially the announcement of what appeared, partially attempt to ask council where it costs or to you it is not necessary to move further.

And so, we will consider the possibility of use of hCard in Wikipedia on the example of article about Johnny Depp.
If to clean all superfluous, then at the moment the piece of a code necessary to us looks so (actually, the structure differs a little, but the similar model will suit us; links for simplification are shown vikikody):

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Province news

11 years, 6 months ago
Last days off were marked by two noticeable events in real Russian reality which the network community, owing to the unreality, could miss. We correct information diskonnekt. Both events happened as are fine in a form, so and are noble according to contents. So...

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Beautiful names of flowers or Royal blue

10 years, 7 months ago
Everything began with what the client, as if between times, wrote: "Replace color of an icon with Royal blue." (in English — Royal Blue) to Tell fairly, for me such problem definition seemed unusual. Here is dark blue, light blue and just blue, but any royal I do not know. It was necessary to look for.

It turned out that already many centuries there is the whole list of names of flowers and shades. And, some names very amusing:

Why not to use more actively these names in a professional lexicon of the designer? Not heartless digital-letters like #C41E3A or R:196 G:30 B: 58, and beautiful words — Cardinal color. Then the speech of the designer will sound as verses. For example: "I consider that a combination of the text of color Light Cherry and a background of color Shartrez do composition very unusual. If to add jade spots as accents, then in general will be opupenno."

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the Moscow MTS and Megafon in pushMap

11 years, 4 months ago

I added a DB of cells for the Moscow MTS and Megafon to the pushMap program.
Welcome for testing! :)
However, I want to notice that for MTS of a DB most "rotten".
Records in it are twice less than in similar bases for MEGA and Bee.

( — here is more detailed about the program.

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The GPRS setup and installation of the Opera Pass on Eee PC

9 years, 9 months ago
Not so long ago on Habré the link to the English-language installation instruction of the Opera flew Pass on the computer. But, following it, I faced the moments which demanded "additional digging". Having achieved result, I as usual wrote for myself on the future the small instruction — next time not to remember what I did, and not to google an infa, and just to re-read own note. So, I decided to stage the Opera Pass on the Asus EEE PC 901 with Eeebuntu.

However, this method suits for any operating systems — Windows, OSX — if only under them was started the Java-machine.

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What future waits for the Internet

10 years, 7 months ago
No doubt the future can give the mass of surprises, and it is possible that through half of year, in garage, one more technology which will captivate billions of pages on the Internet will be thought up. But if to proceed from only present data that can be provided what Internet in 5 years

Many will be discordant with my outputs, I ask, do not accept this as a challenge even if you do not agree with all outputs.

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How to see the monster, or about approach of spring

10 years, 8 months ago
Today I saw that edge behind which small children turn into monsters with green eyes. These monsters come from another dimension or deep space. There is a wish to shoot at them from the grenade launcher, but you understand — no, the infection will not take! Here BFG is necessary (specialists know). Also do not think that I do not love children. They such lovely and direct, different and equally nice yet nearby are not present adults.
Here one such nice 8-9 also approached years me with the angelic person and already absolutely unearthly voice reminding a Christmas hand bell today asked: "Excuse please! Whether you will prompt to me where there is ELEKTRONNYY LABIRINT?" I at first did not understand what it asked me about. Just admired such polite angel and missed thought process by the analysis device. I ask (fondly and zealously): "And, what is it?" It turns the head and in space somewhere behind my right ear drops: "Clear..." It is developed and leaves, it is dissolved, leaves.
Washing confusion lasts long. The understanding of own otioseness humiliates infinitely. And, by the end of day the truth begins to reach: and they not from here. They even not from our galaxy. Children of corn some. Time and space will change, and these will manage our Universe as the. We for them do not exist as for us there are no ants or flies, do not get the presence yet. And then one curious will take you or me and will tear off claws. Out of curiosity. Or will look that there inside?
However, a fantasy and children I love all this and still I be touched looking at them, and I hate the adults distributing clips. Give birth to children, people! Let them will be more, and it is less of us, let the world will become younger and will begin to smell in the spring! Hurrah!

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Mortgage for a civil marriage

11 years, 8 months ago
Whether couples which do not consist in official defects can obtain the credit? Earlier it was impossible, but this year "Owner" polled experts and draws a conclusion: can. If very much want.

In general, the defects registered in the REGISTRY OFFICE are called civil. This name appeared in those days when the vast majority considered legal only church defects. And the civil marriage was something, so to say, the lower order. Since then venchanny defects became significantly less, and in life defects in which the relations of spouses in general are not issued in any way are called civil. In other words, cohabitation. But also cohabitants, and even just friends, and same-sex couples want to live somewhere. And if several years ago the option with a mortgage loan was unavailable to them, then now it became part of our reality. Though not the most widespread.

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Jabber Bot

9 years, 9 months ago
I already wrote about the bot, then it was only icq a bot)) now it is available on three protocols, icq jabber and mrim.

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Weekly podcast from Umputun (US, Chicago) #165

10 years, 8 months ago
— The decaying hosting without an eye
— Curious incubator
— Shame of Apple! Failure with iPhone
— Races on the highway and snow around
— It is far from the people
— Long live Apple! iWork like
— Who works in Google
— Correct method of the skripto-writing
— Questions of typeface, immigration and series
— Show from parallel reality

* Kevin Reeves, Mother

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