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Apple iOS 4.1 beta 3

8 years, 3 months ago
Literally just on the website of Apple, the third beta of iOS 4.1, and also Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS SDK 4.1 beta 3 (Snow Leopard) became available to developers.

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Sir, here your liver: behind the scenes of bioprinting

8 years, 4 months ago
Say goodbye to lists of donors and shortage of bodies. The biotechnology firm created the printer printing blood vessels, using cells of the patient. In the future this device has every chance of creation of the whole bodies.

"Now we well cope with printing of blood vessels" — Ben Sheferd, the senior scientific researcher in the regenerative and medical company Organovo says. "This week we printed 10 pieces. We continue to study how it is possible to improve a status of blood vessels, to make from stronger."

The most part of bodies in a human body is penetrated by veins so capability to print blood vessels is one of the major structural elements for creation of the whole bodies. The printed veins will begin to check for animals soon, and, eventually, clinical tests on the person will be carried out. If everything passes well, in several years you will be able to replace the spoiled veins (for example, as a result of injections or chemotherapy) with the veins printed by request from own cages.

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003.Ru replaced the owner …

10 years, 5 months ago
Online store of household appliances 003.Ру it is silent and without announcements replaced the owner …
003.Ru became (seems) to the 25th shop of E-House holding.

In 2005 when "March" the amount of transaction took 51% of shares was estimated approximately at 2-3 million …
Interestingly, how many now?

P.S. For "hurrying" to take all news for "public relations" also "ogoltet" to put minus of news and we answer a topikstarter = this topic has no relation to public relations.

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Google adds 18 new social functions to Google+, and NE is going to create clients of Gmail, Google Drive for Windows 8 and WP8

5 years, 11 months ago

Having updated Gmail for iOS with support of several accounts, today Google lets out new clients of Google + it is simpler and more interesting to Android (v3.3) and iOS (v4.0) which will add 18 new social functions which are urged "to make communication and interaction even, than earlier". For the Android possibilities of editing a profile, the improved means of the publication, notifications, and works with communities are remarkable. In respect of work with images, Google will offer backups of full-size images (to 5 GB free of charge), unlimited standard backups through Instant Upload tool, support of the animated GIFOV. For events, invited can send messages, to look who opened invitations, and also quickly to accept-reject invitations directly from mail.

In more detail new functions are shown here.

"There is no interest in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8"

In a subject: Clay Beyvor (Clay Bavor), the director of Google Apps products, reported that Google will not begin to develop clients of Gmail or Google Drive for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 until users do not begin to use these OS.

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Zii EGG with Android onboard

9 years, 3 months ago

Recently the Creative company provided to the public the new product — Zii EGG. Which main feature is that it is constructed on the basis of the plaszma platform (a linking of the processor and ZMS-05 module).

With the following characteristics:

• Display 3.5" 320x480
• sound processor X-Fi
• Memory of 32 GB
• 32MB NOR Flash (Linux Kernel Boot ROM)
• 256MB Mobile DDR RAM
• Support 720p and 1080p HDTV
• Composite video output
• Two cameras
— front VGA
— main HD
• Wi-Fi of 802.11 b/g
• GPS receiver
• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
• 3-axial accelerometer
• Lighting sensor
• SDHC the slot (support of memory sticks to 32 GB)
• USB 2.0 Mini-B (data transmission and charging)
• Universal Docking connector (USB, Audio)
• 3,5 mm Jack, the built-in microphones and columns
• Supports Android and Plaszma OS
• Accumulator of lities ionic 1200mAH
• Weight of 108 g
• 115 x 62 x 12 mm

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Katya Chekhova cloned the Radiohead model

10 years, 11 months ago

For not complete 2 days Katya Chekhova's album was downloaded by more than 12 000 people. The album as 128, 256 and 320kbit/sec. is available FREE OF CHARGE on the singer's website since December 4, 2007 … But if free of charge does not arrange, then the singer of $1.0 can offer. Thus, less than in 2 months in the RuNet the model of promotion RadioHead was completely cloned.

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As I moved "heaven and earth" on 90 °

7 years, 7 months ago
Once from me have nothing to do one idea came to mind.
At first crazy — to incline the notebook on degrees 30 to the right, perhaps suddenly something will exchange ;) But then, later minutes twenty another which radically my web ekspiriyens came. Namely: "And that if not on 30, and on everything 90". You Tobit absolutely sideways it to put. I want to warn: owners 30 ″ monitors or 10 ″ netbooks can quietly read the following post. We include the head further and we remember that as well as all brilliant ideas, this came not to me to one. The screen of the first computer, with revolutionary (for that time) the graphic user interface, was as you already guessed, in height, but not as in width now (the biggest nightmare for me it to work with screens 1366х768, 768 of pixels in height it ridiculously, at me on the first 14 ″ the monitor was so much). And so, meet — Xerox Alto.

That Ziroks Alto from whom Stevie Jobs pinched all famous Macintosh.

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The transparent and sound reflecting interiors of radio NEXT and POP-MUSIC in the Novinsky passage

11 years, 5 months ago
In a basis of intention of NEXT and POPSA studios the idea to turn radio listeners also into the radio audience laid down. Radio studios are separated from gallery of a passage and  from each other by the soundproofing double-glazed windows the m size 2,8×4,0 everyone thanks to which everyday life of offices of a sound recording turns into a performance behind show-window glass. Work of DJ, anchorman and guests of thematic programs is visible. The scenic effect is added with the floor eminence on 25 centimeters hiding a switching eyeliner. 60.jpg 

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"Strim" is ready to a new season

12 years, 2 months ago
The operator "STRIM" ("MTU-Intel") prepared a number of marketing sentences for the beginning of a new business season. In particular, since September 1 the company completely cancels a payment for connection of natural persons. By all regular tariff plans "Strim Internet" and "Stry TV" connection will be made without any additional payments from now on. Let's remind, earlier it was worth carrying out a house Internet channel "Strim" $50.

The special offer is prepared also for corporate clients. Within the service "Strim Business" unlimited rates for legal entities are introduced for the first time: high access rate will be combined with lack of restrictions – and on the volume of the incoming traffic, and on number of the connected computers.

The company declared also that "Strim Internet" and "Strim of TV" entered automatic fall forward on unlimited rates. After three months from the moment of connection of the subscriber the speed of its access to the Network will be increased to the following threshold. That is, if, for example, the subscriber is connected at a speed of 160 kbps, speed will increase to 256 kbps (from 320 kbps – to 512 kbps, etc.).

According to the CEO "MTU-Intel" Grigory Novitsky, the made innovations mean an output of the company on a new level of development: "We are able to afford canceling of a payment for connection, a large number of unlimited rates. At the same time we constantly develop the additional services directed to increase in ARPU — the average income from the subscriber – and we work on implementation of advanced technologies and improvement of internal controllability of the company that allows to reduce costs".

In addition to special offers, "MTU-Intel" undertakes several marketing events. So, the stock "Try Strim!" is developed for beginners. "In September everyone who came to offices "MTU-Intel" will be able to be connected on a new unlimited rate of "STRIM-FEST" at data transmission rate of 128 kbps and a low monthly subscriber fee — only 15 USD" — it is said in the press release of the company.

Besides, the actions on lease of the equipment for "Stry TV" and free primary setup of the equipment at home at the client are prolonged.

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Radio nurses prevent work of Wi-fi

9 years, 6 months ago
By request of the commission on radio frequencies of the British regulator of Ofcom research was conducted and the main reasons because of which Wi-Fi communication quality in the large cities worsens are established. Contrary to a popular belief that a large number of hotspot of Wi-fi which block each other is the main reason, the problem appeared in another.

The main enemy of access points of Wi-fi are … normal children's radio nurses. These not licensed devices work in the range of 2,4 GHz and give aimings therefore the communication quality on Wi-Fi worsens. Other interfering source in the large cities are the analog transferring teleantennas.

Specialists submitted the report on the conducted research in regulators.

P.S. The radio nurse is an unpretentious handheld transceiver which is put near the baby and listen to its breath at distance to 400 m. To this wonderful invention parents had to be in one room with the kid almost day and night.

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