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The documentary about Future Crew group

8 years, 3 months ago
On Assembly 2010 demopat, taking place in these days off in Helsinki, the premiere of the The Demoscene Documentary project took place. Authors aimed to create a series of short documentaries about demostsena stories. Heroes of the first series of a cycle of Future Crew steel and their legendary work Second Reality ( 1993, PC).

Unfortunately, authors of the project decided to do it in Finnish, "native" for the European demostsena, but timely guessed to sub-title a video series the English. I assure, 17 minutes of suomi are quite tolerant, for the sake of an opportunity "to glance in eyes" to legends.

UPD: For real fans the separate roller laid out home video about creation of Second Reality (its fragments appear in the movie).

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Release of RichFaces 3.3.1 GA

9 years, 6 months ago

The RichFaces command with pride declares an output of the next version of library – 3.3.1 GA. The special Photo Album demonstration application which is available to downloading was also developed. The application is created with use of the RichFaces components.

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Google replaced video assessment buttons with YouTube

6 years, 9 months ago
Perhaps, affairs with promotion of a social network at Google are bad, time they take such desperate measures.
Today usual buttons of an assessment of video were deleted.

Instead of them it appeared here:

That is, Google offered objective system of an assessment of videos for the sake of promoting of Google Plus.

upd: The request to check and unsubscribe. Most likely, buttons were gone not at all.
upd2: My buttons were gone only in chrome.

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Introduction to search engine optimization

10 years, 2 months ago
In the light of global fight against spam, a public relations, seo and other advertizing, many steel are afraid to use these tools for the good.
On the other hand a large number of users (including authors of content) do not know about search engine optimization and other means of distribution of information.
But we write, we photograph, we sing that us read, looked, listened!?
For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary that this content was found!

And it belongs not only to the personal websites or blogs, but also such platforms as Habrakhabr, even if the topic gets on a muzzle, a traffic to it is provided all on a two-three of days, almost nobody will read it any more if comes to it from a search engine.
Moreover, I speak not only about optimization of own content but also about the correct distribution of useful information in general.

For this purpose it is necessary to make certain actions and about it I and wanted to write.

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11 years, 6 months ago
Came across here such amusing piece:

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There was SPB Shell 3D

7 years, 7 months ago
SPB Shell 3D for the android offers the interface of new generation.
  • Three-dimensional main screen and applications launch
  • "Smart" folders
  • Three-dimensional widgets
  • Set of panels and widgets

  • Android 2.1 or above
  • GPU with support of OpenGL ES 2.0
* tablets are not supported
* "live" wall-paper is not supported (for performance reasons)

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ICQ vs XMPP (Jabber)

9 years, 10 months ago
Due to the current events I offer the following:
Bad option: to download the official client
Good option: to come on and to pass to the normal protocol and thus to get rid of AOL dependence. The Svezhezaregistrirovanny address which as izvetsno, it is much more convenient, than some tsifirka, friends can give by a normal, antiquated method: on a mobile phone, on an e-mail (it is possible even to arrange mailing), and it is possible at a meeting.

By the way, if you use gmail, then we already have jabber. It is possible to read about setup of your favourite client here.
All of good luck!
Your Cap

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Windows Mobile 6.1 is declared officially

10 years, 7 months ago
At the CTIA Wireless exhibition 2008 Microsoft was officially declared, at last, by Windows Mobile 6.1. New OS includes the improved navigation and management, the increased level of protection of confidential business information, and also a number of opportunities for saving of time of the user. New built-in Internet Explorer Mobile allows to watch web pages and video in the full-screen mode, and also supports the H.264, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight standards. The first smartphones on this OS are expected to receipt in sale by the end of this year.

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Why puts referalny links to Habré?

3 years ago
Hi, giktayms. My name is Yura and today I want to tell a little about monetization of our project which allows us to pay back maintaining this blog (that is especially actual because of recent value increase twice). I will remind that we deal with a problem of the choice of a difficult technique and it is the main mission of

If to look at many of our posts on a giktaymsa, then it is possible to notice the terrible fact: "They use referalny references, so earn from my purchases!!!". And you will be right — we really do it, but that if I tell that the referalny link is better, than just the link to online store of the Russian company? We want to be the most open so we show cards.

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"Informers" of VKontakte

10 years ago
yabeda.jpg - upload images with Picamatic
(the picture is clickable)

New counter of вконтакте.ру — it is possible "to stukachit" in the photo of other users :)
Itself did not try to use it. It will be actual for those at whom in group the pornwarehouse is created :)

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