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We add new search operators to Google

9 years, 3 months ago
I lacked the current operators always. It is enough different functions of search in Google, but some of them here are implemented absolutely neyuzabelno. For example, why to set language of required web pages, I have to climb every time in "Advanced Search" or edit GET request variables in the url of the page? About on the automatic machine driven in "#=100" I also do not speak. The strangest that the part of parameters from "Advanced Search" is implemented in the form of operators, the part — is not present.

I always wanted that there were additional search operators covering these, quite useful functions. And only last night I caught up: "It is possible to implement them by means of user.js!" Outlined a planchik, sat down at several o'clock (because a dzhavaskripter from me any) and proapdeytit already known to you "Tuned Google SERPs".

So, for this moment the following operators are available:

co: <dvukhbukvennyy_kod_strana> — sets the country from which you perform web surfing. Happens it is useful if you decided to look "and what positions my website has in issue for Argentina".

lang: <dvukhbukvennyy_kod_yazyka> — sets language of the pages displayed in results. For example, you look for materials in Russian about a modern gedzhet or the program. How many did earlier? Wrote the English-language name and some Russian word. For example: "iphone 3g overview". But first, it narrows a circle of searches, secondly, Google lately is guided by the fact that this word was in exile to article, article at the same time can be English-speaking and not to contain the word. Having set a script, we safely write "lang:ru iPhone 3gs" and we enjoy the complete range of materials in Russian. The second case which occurs is intersection of words in different languages. For example, on the Russian requests sometimes get out the Bulgarian pages. I, having for the first time seen them, with astonishment thought that it is pages of the next udaffovsky website. By means of the operator "lang:" it is possible to cast away these foreign pages.

loc: <dvukhbukvennyy_kod_strana> — sets the country in which the website is located.

num: <chislo_ot_1_do_100> — sets amount of the issued results. It would seem why not to set "100" in search setups! However, as a rule, classical there are quite enough ten. Only in some, special cases it is necessary to increase this quantity.

In implementation of operators there is one "but": if you, as well as I, use a search line of the browser or shortcuts of search directly in an address bar of the browser — operators will not work owing to the fact that it is only javascript which is built in directly the page, but not the browser. However similar, "cunning" operators are most often used for the specifying repeated requests after we saw that submitted normal inquiry absolutely not that we wanted. Well, and we drive in repeated requests already on pages of the searcher where the script will work.

We set, we test, we report about bugs, we make efficient offers on improvements …

P. S. Who passed — Tuned Google SERPs does some more interesting things, read about them in the previous posts of my blog.

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DRM bypass for some applications in Mac AppStore

7 years, 10 months ago
Set updating of system 10.6.6. Log in in new App Store (is in dock). Download in it Twitter, it is free. Open the Applications folder, find Twitter, the right click, to Show packet contents, come into the Contents folder and copy _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources.

Download Angry Birds (, open the dmg-file, draw Angry Birds in the Applications folder. the right click to Show packet contents, open the Contents folder and delete in it _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources. Now insert the files copied from

In total. Enjoy Angry Birds and any other .app-files from new Mac App Store which can be found online :)

Prim. Lane: After all this AppStore perceives applications as set.

As prompted in comments, the applications noted as set all the same are not updated through AppStore, and this equipment works not for all applications (Angry Birds, Flight Control, Blush and Offroad racing are still known)

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The musical SoundCloud platform underwent attack of owners

3 years, 2 months ago
SoundCloud — an online platform and the website for distribution of musical pieces and other sound files, with an opportunity to listen to samples in online and functions of a social network. Soon after start in 2008 the hosting became very popular among musicians and normal users. Couple of seconds suffices to upload music publicly. All visitors can listen or build in it a frame on the website at once. The audience of SoundCloud makes 227,5 million unique visitors a month.

A year ago the commercial On SoundCloud service — the partner program with musicians and studios which allows authors to receive the royalties from listening of the tracks in online and from mobile application of SoundCloud is started. The program works only in the USA so far, for last year $2 million a royalty are paid to authors and owners.

Not all on temper that authors begin to work directly with audience, bypassing traditional author's society which always collected a royalty.

On August 27, 2015 the British author's society Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS) representing the interests of 111 000 composers, authors and publishers "after five years of unsuccessful negotiations" filed a lawsuit against SoundCloud.

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Waited. Release of the GTA V PC version

3 years, 7 months ago

Rejoice because came true! Years of expectations later the RockStar company made happy PCs players. Now it is possible to play GTA V and by means of the personal computer which under a table costs. Today, exactly at 2:00 on MOSCOW TIME game became Gabe was recognized that Half-Life 3 will not be, and people patiently waited! Also waited! For only $39.99 you can plunge into the world of violence, gangsterism, the drama of the base GTA V subject line!

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New moon

10 years, 6 months ago
The new moon once again did not pass unnoticed on Habré.
What will the May full moon of the 20th bring? Last year it was very interesting.

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Military followed ways 3G

12 years, 1 month ago
On tapes of a number of news agencies with reference to unnamed
source messages that appeared
The Ministry of Defence did not approve the draft decision on distribution of frequencies for third generation of cellular communication (3G). There was it during a meeting of representatives of the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of information
technologies and communication
and State Commission on Radio Frequencies (GKRCh),
preceding GKRCh meeting devoted to this question. By words
source of news agencies, military demanded to provide
additional information concerning working conditions of operators in
range of 2,1 GHz which is going to be used for 3G.

The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) which was carrying out work on clearing of frequencies for 3G are surprised with a similar position. "Heads of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and Rossvyaz did everything possible to start issue of frequencies under third generation of cellular communication — the agency head Andrey Beskorovayny says. — We calculate that in the Ministry of Defence will explain why they interfere with implementation in Russia of the latest information technologies, and we hope as a result for a positive solution of a question".

From the agenda of a meeting of GKRCh which will take place on Monday the question about 3G is not removed, and the solution on it will be brought up for vote of members of the commission. The commission consists of 18 people, from them four are representatives of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and different structures subordinated to it (including the chairman of the commission, the minister Leonid Reiman) and two — representatives of the Ministry of Defence. If military with operators are not able to come to the approved position, then the result of vote will depend in many respects on a position of other security agencies. In addition to the Ministry of Defence, now two representatives of Federal security service and on one representative from the Federal security police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Service of foreign intelligence and the Ministry of Justice enter GKRCh.

"The question with issue 3G if drags on, then for a while — the director of analytical department of J'Son &Partners Boris Ovchinnikov believes. — Under pressure of the public military will be forced to recede sooner or later". However the question with 3G in Russia dragged on as it is for several years. VimpelCom mobile network operators and MTS in 2001 organized pilot zones 3G, but since then the beginning of distribution of 3G-frequencies is postponed every year.

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Design of the website and text

11 years, 4 months ago
The main filling of any website is a text. But it does not mean that all pages of the website have to them be completed for 100%.

In such situation it is not pleasant to user to read, eyes quickly are tired. The website overloaded with information looks very badly. About any design in this situation the speech does not go. The page to top completed with information loses in a usability much. The impression is made that it is simply heaped.
All pages of the website have to have a large print. It is simple to fill the website with information, but it is correct to issue everything that it was pleasant to user to read — much more difficult. It is very important, correct to structure information. To divide it according to sections and so on. Not to dump everything on one page. Ideally the main page of the website has to tell the user about what this website. It is not necessary to output a lot of information.
The text it has to be visible. It has to be selected against the page. To be readable. Around the text there has to be a space helping perception read. The special attention needs to be paid to height of lines or a line spacing. They should not merge. The lines to each other are closer, the more slowly we read and quicker we are tired.
Text color has to be added not only to design of the page, but also to be rather contrast, for convenience of perception. By the way the black text on a white background is not obligatory. An optimal variant #333 for the text and #fff for a background.
The text on pages of the website has to be a design element. It has to be read easily. The opinion on the website at the user develops not only on the basis of design, it and text filling. Respectively information on the website has to make on the user impression not smaller, than design of this website. It has to be unique. Now you will surprise nobody with just black text on a white background.
The space around the text has to locate to his correct perception. You should not stretch it on all width of the page, it is not the book. On the right and at the left there has to be a little space. And naturally any horizontal scroll bar.
The text has to be original. Respectively the designer's task, when developing the website, not only registration, but also maintenance. The website with unusual contents – this find. Therefore work of the designer is in knowing what the user wants from the website, to give it it.
Information on the website has to be integrated by the general subject. What the user would visit the website devoted to design and found articles only on this subject there, but not on seo. Of course not all subjects are popular. But if to write original texts, to offer users new information, it will be additional plus for the website.
It is time to forget that the designer is only a design. The designer who is not able to write beautiful texts – the bad designer. Website content – here an indicator of his skills of creation of the projects meeting the modern requirements of users. Output: a basis of modern design – contents, but not the page.

Original of article of article about design

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Crazy idea of a global inetization or Internet communism, using Google and the android

8 years, 9 months ago
Somewhere about a month of a naz the employee purchased Motorola Milestone. it was indulged … then decided to make a hard-reset …
As it appeared, Android OS stores all the settings (and not just contacts) in a gugloakkaunta.

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Apple specifies parts about system of input of the next generation

10 years, 8 months ago
The last form of the patent filled with Apple Inc., discloses details of work of a touch surface of "multi-touch" which will allow to print, click, scroll the page and to enter the text manually – and all this in the uniform ergonomic device which is urged to replace the traditional periphery: keyboard, mouse and digital panel.


As well as the form for the improved multi-touch trackpad, the description of this concept occupies 80 pages and is partially attributed to Wayne Uesterman (Wayne Westerman) from Fingerworks, the company absorbed by Apple a few years ago for the purpose of release of iPhone and input devices of new generation.

The form signed on July 30, 2007 with a set of different names illustrates the conceptual device which includes different types of input, without mixing them among themselves. For this purpose the strong pressure or the movement of muscles is not required.

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Layfkhak: purchase of currency in Sberbank without the commission

9 years, 2 months ago
It was necessary to purchase euro the other day, browsed courses on the websites, it turned out that the sber had the most profitable. After a call to them, it turned out that in department which works late hours there were no cash euros. For a number of reasons it was obligatory to convert rubles into euro on the same day. Therefore it was accepted to bring the deposit to euro, to deposit funds rubles, and next day to take away already in euro.

Flexible course

At a sber flexible course. to 1000 one course, from 1001 another (it is better for the client) therefore it turns out that it is cheaper to purchase 1001 euros, than 1000 (we pay less, we receive more)

Non-cash converting

As a result I found out that at operations with currency they have a commission. Till 1000 uye — 30 rubles, after 1000 — 70 rubles. What places into place all problems with a flexible course as at the expense of a difference in commission charges the course is almost aligned.
But not in my case! As I carried out non-cash converting — I was exempted from the commission.

Thus, if it grieves you to pay the commission, but at you is slightly excess time, it is possible not to buy currency for hard cash, and to put money for the deposit in currency necessary to you and at once to remove. Maybe in other banks there is something similar.

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