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As I tested samsung galaxy s 2

7 years ago
In this article I will tell about the subjective feelings from samsung galaxy s 2 and about that as I could receive it for testing from the Samsung company.

It is a little background, in this life I had 4 phones on the android of htc hero, htc desire, zte blade and samsung galaxy tab 7, there were as well all iPhones except 4s. When that I thought of transferring of to a cloud and transition from normal mobile to a smart (I do not even know as on another to call), and the choice stood between android and iphone, before I passed completely to Google services and the choice fell on android, and apple there is still not enough complete support of work with google services (though during a week there was gmail for ios).

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Execution of USSD requests under Linux

8 years, 4 months ago
Thanks to the author of a topic Account check Kiyevstar of the modem in Linux which helped me to understand the principle of operation of modems and mode of work with them in Linux. I needed to solve a problem of display of the signal level, check of balance, account replenishment with use 3zh the modem. But as there was no wish to put on home machines pkhp for the sake of such trifle to me, decided to rewrite a script under himself on Python which is in any a desktop Linux from a box.

This script will work at any modems / phones which support USSD without coding PDU. For modems of the commands demanding the PDU coding it is necessary to write functions wrappers similar to PHP script from the topic stated above. I unfortunately have no such modem and I could not check — therefore did not begin to write.

Work on 3G the ZTE MF100 modem (mf626, mf628 has to work with mf620, mf622) and a rate the Internet 3G from Kiyevstar is checked.

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Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

3 years, 3 months ago
— And truth that toner radioactive?
— No, there is a lead, and it protects from radiation.
From the heard conversation.

It is black and mysterious as the SR-71 "Blackbird" scout plane.
It has no identification marks onboard.
It possesses excellent TTH.
He is able practically all.
He does not sleep and eats a little.
It is always with you.
It is ours!

This small triangle similar to an alien being is the unique device on set of the characteristics and is necessary for each person.
The miniature wearable device of continuous radiation control, the independent personal dosimeter, the recorder, with period of operation more than 500 days.

In article: demonstration of work in the conditions of the normal and increased levels of a radioactive background, interaction with the computer, the description of programs, archive diagrams, opening of a product and many other things.
But the most important, this task to readers of TM = + GT + MM about removal of the given all brelok on screens of the monitors that will allow to reduce quantity of hot spots on the planet, to determine by X one of the possible reasons of diseases, to prolong or save life to many people.
The open exchange protocol with the device will help with it that will simplify connection of the intelligent sensor to the computer and other devices.

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Yahoo did not recover the gone mail

7 years, 6 months ago

Day later after the mail service Yahoo suffered from partial shutdown, the company reported — failure affected about 1 million accounts.

Problems began on Thursday, at 7:30 in the morning, and by 11 in the morning they reached the pica. At this time about 1 million users were left without access to mail.

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Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup

9 years, 2 months ago
As it is known each flesher has to create a flash website, game and experiment in 3D :) Now hands reached also 3D. I liked a slogan: "No to 3D demos in a flash, you give applications" therefore being guided by what is pleasant in this cycle of articles (lessons, tutorials — call as you want) "Away3d Universe" you dear reader will pass complete (I hope :)) a way of creation of three-dimensional game in a flash.
To use the examples given here, Flex Builder 3 with SDK of version 3.2 or above is necessary. Of course Away3d can be used also with Flash CS3/4, but Flex Builder 3 is represented to me is much more convenient for the developer.

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The best astronomical photos of 2015

3 years, 1 month ago

If you manage to photograph our Solar system, any of dynamic objects, against farther space bodies, your picture will definitely not remain unaddressed.

Every year the Royal museum Greenwich holds a competition of the best photos of space subject "Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year". After that the most interesting works of contestants are shown in the Greenwich royal observatory.

Photos of winners of this year really impress.

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Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas

10 years, 4 months ago
Came it is time to talk a little about practical part of a video podcasting. In the works I use Sony Vegas, it just a matter of habit, for those purposes that face us in this article, almost any video editor will approach.

Not to go far, let's look at the list of such programs, not the most complete, but the choice, you see, is rather broad:

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Experiments with a mamba. Transferring of terms.

11 years, 1 month ago
IMPORTANT: It is not the second part, these are only small comments, can even justifications.

I welcome all who read, commented, lifted and lowered a karma, and also commented on article: "Experiments with a mamba. Part 1"

Frankly speaking, when the first part of article was written I did not even assume that it will become the best during all the time. And who could assume it then.

According to the logic of things, I would have to finish the story about the Mamba on the first part, leave so to speak on success. But it will not be. The rating not the main thing though I will not hide for me is a big dope, I here not for money work. I promised that the subsequent parts will be even more interesting than the first, and I will keep the word.

But as from the moment of an output of the first part passed already few weeks, and the second does not appear, I decided to explain why.

Reasons two.

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NASA will hold competition for robots humanoids

2 years, 11 months ago

Recently declared NASA that will present the two robots humanoids, but it is not disinterested.

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Microsoft will open source codes of FoxPro DBMS

11 years, 8 months ago
Microsoft will publish the source code of the key Visual FoxPro components. At the same time the company will not continue development of legendary DBMS after version 9.0.

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