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SAPE is much better than XAP!

11 years, 5 months ago
First it is IMHO!

+ in total at once in $, that is at once it is visible how many brings the website
+ abrupt car mode
+ money can be withdrawn at any time at accumulation on the account of $10
— sometimes system in Down
— does not support Cyrillics in URL, it was necessary to interfere with a code of system
It from the webmaster, but not the advertiser! Personally I recommend it.

+ huge number of participants
+ pages are quickly filled with links
+ supports Cyrillics in URL
— the advertiser to be devilishly inconvenient since very long the websites put links to the project
— are used by KSAPY, but not BAKSY, very inconveniently
— to display ksapa with an exchange them at first in dollars very inconveniently and long
— once ordered an output, 3 I wait for week!
It from the advertiser and the webmaster.

I work with both systems near 2kh months, in SAPE earned more than $600, and in XAP of 40 000 ksap, but did not bring them, I use for purchase of links on the websites of system …

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C.G.P.Grey rollers — in Russian (part 2)

3 years ago
With your permission, I will continue (in addition to the first portion) the publication of transfers to C.G.P.Grey rollers.

I do not cease to be surprised how in several minutes it is possible it is compressed and to figuratively transfer the finished information moreover it is popular and interesting to many. Nevertheless here that "the good teacher" means!

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There was the first Nexus One updating

8 years, 9 months ago

Details in English here the Link to Gizmodo
There was the first Nexus One updating. "Over-the-air" updating, that is directly on the Internet in the device. Write that the bug with 3G is fixed, but most interesting another. I quote:

"Pinch-to-zoom functionality: devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone's Browser, Gallery and Maps applications"

I they so understand unblocked the multi-touch. It that war with Apple? They have a patent.

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The special three-dimensional printer printing live human body tissue (for example, blood capillaries) with a necessary (micron) accuracy is created

8 years, 11 months ago
In LiveJournal there is a blogger of bablaw who on Habrakhabr is generally mentioned in connection with intellectual property and a copyright.

Now there was an occasion to break this tradition as fresh blogozapis narrates this blogger about emergence of the new three-dimensional printer capable nevozbranno to print live human body tissue (for example, blood vessels — even such small as capillaries) with  a micron accuracy necessary for this purpose.

Here the photo for drawing attention:


Polonius at Shakespeare speaks: "All  be above correct to itself". ("  This above all:   to thine own self be true". "Hamlet", act 1, scene 3.) Here and bablaw remained is quite right to itself: he considers first of all kopiraytovy effects of such invention. It is clear, that if there is a printer and it prints, then there will be a fight against non-licensed printing, human flesh patenting, extermination of non-licensed people (or separate extremities)  and so on.

News in itself about printing of bodies was considered on Habrakhabr  in September, however  its that anti-utopian turn which appetites of kopiraytovy right dealers inevitably have to give it, still quite remains new and novel.

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Dream Wi-Fi. Or a situation with use of radio frequencies

8 years, 1 month ago
Wi-Fi the Nanostation modems provided in Russia by the Rapier company as DreamWiFi will be a subject of this topic. Or more precisely question of use of frequencies and registration. And as a pleasant bonus, under a cat, the overview of these pieces of iron.

In spite of the fact that Wi-Fi somewhat already technology of the last century also gives way new, it is necessary very opportunely in two cases — a home network (intra office) and the organization of communication channels out of rooms.
Here we will also talk about the second case.
If with intra office use everything is clear, then external channels require attention, big to themselves because this receipt of permissions to use of radio frequencies — times, the certified equipment (which just like that you will not purchase in shop) — two, and registration of they are three.
It is known that receipt of permission — incredibly nervous and long process. At worst on the organization of the channel more than a year can leave (approvals, the conclusions, natural tests). Registration, it seems, both short and inexpensive procedure, but besides bureaucratic red tape, communication with not always loyal representatives of supervisory authorities.
But here what is offered to us by Dream Wi-Fi:
The equipment DreamWiFi of the range of 2,4 GHz according to solution GKRCh No. 09-05-09 does not require the conclusion of the Radio-frequency center and approval of military.

Access points are subject to simple, fast and free registration. Subscribers of registration are not subject.

And it is valid how it would be convenient, to notify the necessary structures and to put without bothering on all these scrapes.

In support of Dream Wi-fi prompted me the document in which the registration procedure of radio equipment is stated (sent on more precisely) and suggested to fill in the request for registration of access point of Wi-fi. The matter is that at installation of a point with an emitting power no more than 100 MW taking into account gain of the antenna out of the room the simplified diagram of registration via the website works. Subscriber stations at the same time do not need to be registered. Here to me specified on:
About modification of solution GKRCh of May 7, 2007 No. 07-20-03-001 "About selection of radio frequency bands to devices of a small range" (No. 09-05-09 solution GKRCh)

For devices with direct expansion of a range at the spectral density to 2 MW/MHz (that is 40 MW for a band 20 MHz) and the maximum power in 100 MW. At the same time there are no restrictions for an installation site —"

For Dream Wi-Fi in support I was told in the web interface it is possible to expose no more than 40 MW.

But a little, more precisely cardinally other situation to me was described in local department of Roskomnadzor to me reported that it is speculation of the vendor on inaccuracies of solution GKRCh, and the employee read a solution No. 09-05-09 at me. The state radio-frequency center told that it is absent at all, and right after mounting and inclusion, will arrive to us, will disconnect all equipment and will decently fine.
Where truth? I got confused and hope a little that the publication will be read by people competent of this question and will be able to give the comment.

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RigidBot, the budget 3D-printer which is not inferior to leaders

5 years, 7 months ago
In recent time on the kickstarter the project of the "budget" 3D printer — RigidBot 3D Printer the предлагающий qualitative and cheap 3D option - seals for the house or office started. In the best traditions of crowd funding, in the first 12 hours the requested sum ($31.500) was exceeded much and, at the moment, approaches a mark of $500.000.


And though, you will surprise nobody with the next 3D-printer, nevertheless it is worth selecting couple of interesting features of this project:

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We do the self-extracting archive or sections in PHP files

8 years, 9 months ago
Only one thing — stupid FTP of some hosters induced to write this code me.
No, files are uploaded with maximum speed, but here between the end of loading of one file and the beginning of loading of the following passes seconds 30.
As I suffer from a crap now I impose and I put dzhomla in shock quantities, loading of 5000+ files leads to a reading of a habra and a guglrider to holes that however too is unhealthy.
With the purpose to correct siyo annoying omission it is also written small nakolenochny skriptik.

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Water instead of gasoline can be used already now …

9 years, 12 months ago

p.s. Similar systems collect also at us in garages.
I knew that on Habré there are a lot of smart people and whether there are a lot of inclined to "practice"?

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Belarusians created the airplane with an oval wing

9 years, 8 months ago
At the Minsk enterprise "Kamerton" the working model of the light aircraft with an oval wing of the closed type is created, "The Belarusian military newspaper" in the article "The Ellipse Submits the Sky" reports.

The normal airplane is able to afford rather small attack angle — only about 13 °. If this number is exceeded, the machine can lose control. But the unit equipped with an oval wing of the closed type can increase this corner. Videos prove that the device weighing 1360 kg with the engine with power only 260 p/a comes off on attack angles 17-19 °. Such maneuverability allows to make landing or to perform take-off from rather small platforms.

The following advantage — profitability. At you weed the normal airplane on the ends of wings there are vortex flows. The oval wing has no such shortcoming that gives a prize in engine capacity for 30-40% therefore it disperses at small draft.

The model was steady also against impact of a side wind on take off and landing. Normal An-2 when to it in a board wind with a speed of 6 m/s blows, is forced or to change a take-off course, or in general to cancel weeds. And this aircraft maintains a side wind twice stronger.

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OS Inferno New Edition installation (update)

6 years, 5 months ago
FAQ: What is OS Inferno and why it is necessary?

Information in the previous post became outdated almost for 4 years, and I was asked it to update. Also asked not to mix in one post installation with setup therefore there will be only an installation, and setup is inferno described in a separate post. Update: The description of installation for Windows is updated in June, 2014.

So, we will set the distributed Inferno OS. On the official site there are installation instructions, but they are not absolutely correct and too became outdated a little. Inferno can work in two modes — native (on naked iron or in qemu/etc. as all normal OS) and hosted (as the normal application under * NIX/Win). Installation instructions of native Inferno can be found in the Russian Vicki. In addition there are also other options — for example, the Inferno installation on Android (English). Personally I do not see sense in use of native Inferno on normal computers therefore I will describe the hosted Inferno installation under Gentoo, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, MacOSX and Windows.

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